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How long do I have to wait before I can take a shower? That's a question I get every day. And, the answer is different based on which solution is used and what your preferred depth of color may be. When you book with Emberglow, you aren't booking your color choice. You are booking your preferred rinse and shower time. Your custom blend will be determined during your consultation prior to the application.

If you don't like to wait, book The Quick or Sensitive Skin Quick options! With these formulas, you can typically rinse off in 1-4 hours. You can take a full shower the next morning. A full shower includes washing hair, using body products, shaving and moisturizing. Think of this as your first sudsy shower. Your exact rinse and shower schedule will be determined during your consultation.

The Quick or Rapid name is the indicator you can rinse off sooner after the application. The spray tan can still take up to 12-hours to completely develop.

Don't mind waiting? The 8-hour formulas, like The Glow or Mediterranean will require at least an 8-hour wait before your rinse and a 24-hour wait before your first full shower. Again, that's the sudsy shower. If you are comfortable sleeping with the cosmetic bronzer on, this option is for you. You will need to wear loose-fitting clothing to bed and remain cool and dry. Some clients may sweat at night or sleep with their hands touching their face, or legs and not know it. This will affect the outcome of your tan. If possible, I suggest long pants and long sleeves to bed. Your rinse in the morning is just that. It's a rinse with water only. You may apply makeup and deodorant if you'd like. Dry shampoo will be your go-to!

Once you have thoroughly rinsed off for the first time, your spray tan should be set and no more cosmetic bronzer should remain and rub off.

The longevity of your spray tan is determined by your maintenance and preparation, not the formula used.

Still not sure how to decide on which schedule makes the most sense for you? Let me help!

Want to work out in the morning? THE QUICK

Need to take a full shower before work in the morning? THE QUICK

Think you might get sweaty while you sleep? THE QUICK

Scared you'll mess up the tan during your wait time? THE QUICK

Currently breastfeeding? THE QUICK

Lover of dry shampoo? THE GLOW

Like to let your spray tan marinade over night? THE GLOW

Not in a hurry to take a full shower? THE GLOW

Going back to work after your spray tan session? THE GLOW or THE QUICK (either one!)

Ember glow Custom Spray Tanning
Rinse in 60-Minutes | Emberglow Custom Spray Tanning


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