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Do you have any deodorant on? Yes, no, maybe? I'll know the answer in no time. One spray near the underarms and there it is. Green.

A green color can occur when you have deodorant/antiperspirant, oil and/or sweat residue on your skin. Areas that commonly turn green are underarms, bends of elbows, around the neck and under breasts.

Why green? The green hue appears when the spray tan's bronzer reacts with the residue on the skin. In the case of underarms, its most likely from aluminum in your deodorant.

Green is a good look for tea, not for your armpits.

Will you stay green? Will you turn into The Hulk? No. When you take your first full shower using body products, the green should go away. Even with your first rinse to remove the bronzer, the green should disappear. This is just another friendly reminder to make sure you're prepping correctly and properly for your Emberglow session! Make sure you've exfoliated at least 24-48 hours in advance, a few days leading up to your session are best. For full prep instructions, always check out the website.

Ember glow Custom Spray Tanning
Green Tea, Not Armpits | Emberglow Custom Spray Tanning


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